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6 Things You Need to Know About Virtual Office

What is Virtual Office?

Virtual office is a legal adress registration service that is often used by entrepreneurs, start-ups, freelancers who don't require an office space physically and can run their business from anywhere, in the most economical way. It's a legal address that they are obliged to show to the tax office during the establishment of the company as per the regulations. .

By law, all companies must have an official company address. The virtual office service also provides mail, cargo and invoices handling.

Which Type of Companies Can Use Virtual Office?

Whether you have a Sole Proprietorship or a Limited Company, you can register your legal adress as virtual office.

Amongst Which Proffessions Prefer Virtual Office?

Virtual Office services can be used by any proffession,but the most common proffessions are;

-Certified Financial Accountant(CFA)


-Advisory Services


-Web based trade companies


-Freelancers duch as, software developers, Web Developers, Graphic Designers

What Are the Advantages of Virtual Office?

Inciting advantages of Virtual Office is as follows;

  • Provides prestigious location to move your bussiness further.

  • A professional look for your company.

  • Zero out your utility and office supply costs.

  • No more rent witholdings.

  • Mail&Cargo tracking.

  • Widen your network by meeting freelancers like yourself.

  • Easy access to a workplace or a meeting room to use short-term or long-term.

Crusial Part of Selecting a Virtual Office is The Location

Deciding where your virtual office should be in accordance with your company profile, the work you do and the customer profile you address will be important to carry your business to success. You need to decide whether your virtual office will be located in the financial center, on the historical peninsula, in the commercial center or in a rural area.

Pay attention to these;

Highlight Your Company Profile- The legal address is the first information that your customers will be getting when they receive an invoices, mail, cargo and e-mails. Prestigious location is important for reputation.

Location Accessebility is Crucial- Your virtual office will be an address where you can hold your meetings from time to time. It is important that it has a practical, easily accessible, convenient and beautiful architecture.

Keep in Mind the Growth Potential- Virtual Office is the starting point of your company. With the growth of your company and operation over time, it will be beneficial for you to choose areas with opportunities such as workspace, private office or secretarial service.

How Does a Virtual Office Procedure Works?

  1. You sign your Virtual Office contract and apply to the tax office with your company registration documents. The application period and approval phase are mostly concluded within 1 week.

  2. A message will be sent to your phone with the date and time of the address polling appointment from the tax office polling department. The authoritised person in your company must be present at your legal address on the specified dates and times.

  3. During the meeting with the government representative on the appointment date, your company registration documents will be checked and approved. With this process, your registration process will be completed successfully.

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