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5 Tips to Manage Your Concentration

According to an article published by the Harvard Business Review, a person is distracted or interrupted on average 50-60 times a day while working. Research reveals that 80% of these distractions are low priority or unnecessary. Research also shows that it takes up to 23 minutes for a person to refocus on their work. So what can we do to manage our concentration while working?

1- Keep Your Workspace Clean

Having a messy desk can cause distractions. Keeping irrelevant objects, files or content about different project distracts you subconsciously. It will be easier to loose focus with all that distraction around you. Being organized brings success. Same goes for our computer desktops. Having a simple and organized desktop on your computer puts you in a more peaceful mental state. Make Folders, divide your projects and make things easy to find.

2- A Little Touch of Green

Green tones have a calming effect on people. Allowing a little green color on around your workplace helps you to keep peaceful mind and increases creativity. Increased focus and creativity thrives success. You can easily achieve this with a small plant, with a picture on your wall or by painting part of your room.

3- Be Planned!

Planning your daily/weekly/monthly/yearly chores makes your time management easier. Simple notes are not always sufficient. Digital agendas with reminders make it easier to plan your time better and helps you keep track. You can take notes in your calendar rather than relying on your memory. When you finis working, take a note of how far you have come and make a to do list for the next day.

4-Check Your Smartphone Settings

With the advancement of technology, smartphones have become an indispensable part of us. The common complaint amongst us is that, following social media too much distracts us. According to a research made in 2021, 8 out of 10 people in Turkey have a social media account and spend an average of 4 hours a day on social media. Changing notification settings or turning your phone volume off while working will help you focus on your work. In addition, it is useful to keep your phone in "Do not disturb" mode when you need your undistracted attention, such as meetings or trainings. In addition, Phyllis Mufson, a Career Coach, states that addressing your private life issues during your lunch break will reduce distraction.

5-Exercise Helps

Many of us work on a desk all day and we get very limited movement during the day. Prolonged inactivity, looking down on your screen all day, using mouse brings risks such as Waist/Neck problems, carpal tunnel syndrome or posture disorder. Exercise is the easiest way to reduce this risks; also to free our minds from work-related stress. During coffee breaks or after work, take a walk, do some exercise, it will help reliving stress and have a positive effect on your body.


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