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What is Virtual Office and What are its Advantages?

Every company needs a legal address that is obliged to be registered in the tax office. Virtual office; is a membership model, which provides you the right to present your legal adress as the prestiges adress of Ofis Voyvoda as the official address. This is the most effective cost saving option for people whom are in start-up process of and do not require an physical office. Your official address is the address that represents you as your company's contact address and billing address. Moreover, we track and keep the mail/cargo safe on behalf of your company and inform you as they arrive.

  1. After signing the virtual office contract in our office, you can complete your address registration process within the same day by showing our contract to the local tax office.

  2. After your application to the local tax office, if your documents are approved, a message will be sent to your phone by the tax office.

  3. You will be asked to present your establishment documents at your legal adress(ofis voyvoda) to the tax officers The date and time will be specified in this message. This is a standard procedure. It is obligatory to owner or responsible person of the company be present during this rutine check. The process takes about 10-15 minutes. After this process, the establishment of the company is completed.

Company Types

Start-up's and solo workers such as developers, desighners or architects whom set up a company for the first time, generally prefer to establish a sole proprietorship; Companies with two or more partners with capitals prefer to establish LLC JSC, depending on the field of activity.
The virtual office solution is suitable for all company types.
We are here to be with you at every stage of your company establishment and make your job easier! Financial Advisory, which is indispensable at this stage in line with your request  support is also provided by us in line with your request.

Required documents for establishing a sole proprietorship

  • Original and photocopy of ID & Passport

  • Your residential address

  • Your contact information (email, phone)

Required documents for establishing a legal firm

  • Company Establishment Newspaper

  • Signature Circulars

  • Authorized Identity Copy

  • Your contact information (email, phone)

*Signature circular" and "trade registry newspaper" are sufficient to move your existing company to the virtual office in Ofis Voyvoda.

Why is the location of the virtual office important?

The legal address of your company is the determinant of the tax office to which your company will be affiliated. Ofis Voyvoda is registered under Beyoğlu Tax Office.


How to establish your company with a virtual office?

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