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Right of Withdrawal

Transactions made through the Office Voyvoda site are subject to the Consumer Protection Law and related legislation to the extent that they are consumer transactions. Virtual Office Rental transactions are governed by the Code of Obligations, Civil Code and other relevant legislation in connection with the transaction content.


Our customers, who make transactions on Ofis Voyvoda electronic commerce site, have the right of withdrawal, which they can use within 14 days, for any reason, using the methods specified below.

Consumers and/or tenants, by filling out the form submitted to them following the conclusion of the contract; You can apply by physically delivering the form to Office Voyvoda's address, or by sending a cancellation form to Bankalar Caddesi Nazlı Han No:26 Kat:5 No:12, Karaköy, Beyoğlu, İstanbul or by e-mail to


Customers who have started the reservation process on Ofis Voyvoda's electronic commerce site with their website membership account of Ofis Voyvoda can apply to Ofis Voyvoda by using the cancel button on the website that can be accessed from their own account.


If the consumer has made a transaction as a visitor without any membership while establishing a distance contract on the e-commerce site of Ofis Voyvoda, he reaches 05323682339 and sends the notification of withdrawal and uses his right of withdrawal.


It is obligatory to deliver a product and/or movable item delivered to the customer to the address of Ofis Voyvoda within ten days from the date on which the customer exercises his right of withdrawal as stated above. This period starts to run as of the delivery of the refund cancellation notice to Ofis Voyvoda or when a cancellation e-mail is sent to him.


Ofis Voyvoda returns all payments collected, including delivery costs, to the customer within 14 days from the date on which the notification regarding the right of withdrawal is received. The regulations regarding the situations in which the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised are reserved.

In cases of partial cancellation where the consumer purchases more than one product/service in an order and uses the right of withdrawal for one or more of these products and/or services, but does not use the right of withdrawal for one or more of them, only the costs of the products and services subject to the right of withdrawal are refunded to the Customer.


Within the framework of a regular practice or a periodic campaign of Ofis Voyvoda, in order and/or contract facilities that do not reflect certain fixed costs to the buyer as per the campaign, in order and/or contract facilities where the customer does not reflect certain fixed costs to the buyer, some products and/or products in the order may be purchased by the customer. or services, and if the relevant order and contract facility goes out of the application or campaign in terms of products and services subject to the buyer's right of withdrawal; Fixed costs related to products and services that are not subject to the customer's right of withdrawal are deducted from the price to be returned due to the right of withdrawal.


In case the customer wishes to exercise his right of withdrawal in order and/or contract facilities made by utilizing certain campaigns containing service and/or product purchases in succession; If there is a partial cancellation, contrary to the reason for the existence of the campaign, there will be no partial right of withdrawal, and the right of withdrawal will extend to all products and services, and it will be obligatory to return all kinds of goods purchased by the customer to Ofis Voyvoda. If at least one of the campaign products is not returned, the sales price of the non-refundable products or services will be deducted from the total shopping amount.


The customer cannot exercise his right of withdrawal in the following cases:


- Contracts for goods or services whose prices change depending on the fluctuations in the financial markets and which are not under the control of the seller or supplier.

- Contracts for personalized services prepared in line with the customer's specific requests or personal needs.


- Contracts for accommodation, carriage, car rental, food and beverage supply and leisure time use for entertainment, education or rest, which must be made on a certain date or period.


- Contracts for services performed instantly in the electronic environment or for intangible goods delivered instantly to the buyer.


- Contracts for services that are started to be performed with the customer's approval, before the expiry of the right of withdrawal.

The provisions of the Law regarding the delivery of a defective product to the consumer are reserved.

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