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The story behind Ofis Voyvoda is actually a tale of reunion for three white-collar siblings who spent their summer vacations working in Karaköy since primary school, wandering around Beyoğlu in their spare time, and cherishing their fondest memories of youth in this neighborhood, fascinated by its streets, stories, and history. Despite eventually finding themselves immersed in corporate life abroad for postgraduate studies and careers, they reunite in the place where they grew up.

The selection of Nazlı Han, a famous "business han" from a bygone era, built at the beginning of the 20th century and classified as a second-degree historical monument, as the location for the establishment of a shared office space, is certainly not a coincidence.

In fact, we can say that Nazlı Han embodies the most organic and simplest form of the workspace concept known as "co-working space" or "shared office" in Turkish. From its construction until the 1980s, it was a lively, bustling, and energetic building where rooms were rented out individually. On the same floor, there would be a lawyer's office in one room, an electrician's workshop in another, and a translator's bureau in the opposite room—a shared office concept encompassing people from various sectors working together. It has been the subject of different people's stories. For instance, one of the rooms currently used as a shared office was once the Istanbul Office of the Republican Free Party, hence you'll notice that its name is "Serbest Fırka" when you visit our office. Another room, now serving as a meeting room for guests, was the first office of Jak Kamhi, the founder of Profilo Holding, so the meeting room is named "Kamhi." Located just behind this room, St. Pierre Han is a unique han like a time tunnel left by the Genoese, where Turkey's first jeans were produced and the first architectural office was established during the Ottoman era, initially serving as the Duyun-u Umumiye (Debt Administration) office. The stories behind the names of our other rooms are waiting to be discovered on a board in our office.

We have taken it upon ourselves to preserve the history in which we grew up. Bringing together people from different sectors in this historical setting, working together, creating, and having fun, is a passion for us. We are excited to meet you and host you in our office!

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